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Algorithms for the implementation of adaptive isogeometric methods using hierarchical splines, Vázquez, R., and Garau E.M. , IMATI Report Series, July, Number 16-08, Pavia, p.37, (2016)  (1.74 MB)
An appointment scheduling framework to balance the production of blood bags from donation, Baş, S., Carello G., Lanzarone E., and Yalçindağ S. , IMATI Report Series, June, Number 16-06, Milano, p.37, (2016)  (2.07 MB)
Calcolo di descrittori ibridi geometria-colore per l'analisi di similarità di forme 3D, Raffo, A., and Biasotti S. , IMATI Report Series, June, Number 16-05, Genova, p.24, (2016)  (2.91 MB)
Comparing methods for the approximation of rainfall fields in environmental applications, Patané, G., Cerri A., Skytt V., Pittaluga S., Biasotti S., Sobrero D., Dokken T., and Spagnuolo M. , IMATI Report Series, February, Number 16-10, Genova, p.26, (2016)  (11.04 MB)
Defect detection in nanostructures, Carrera, D., Manganini F., Boracchi G., and Lanzarone E. , IMATI Report Series, April, Number 16-03, Milano, p.18, (2016)  (4.6 MB)
Feature curve identification in archaeological fragments using an extension of the Hough transform, Torrente, M.L., Biasotti S., and .Falcidieno B , IMATI Report Series, July, Number 16-09, Genova, p.19, (2016)  (6.93 MB)
From lesson learned to the refactoring of the DRIHM science gateway for hydro-meteorological research, D'Agostino, D., Danovaro E., Clematis A., Roverelli L., Zereik G., and Galizia A. , IMATI Report Series, March, Number 16-07, Genova, p.24, (2016)  (2.16 MB)
A new design for the implementation of isogeometric analysis in Octave and Matlab: GeoPDEs 3.0, Vázquez, R. , IMATI Report Series, April , Number 16-02, Pavia, p.44, (2016)  (828.91 KB)
Optimal strategies for a time-dependent harvesting problem, Coclite, G. M., Garavello M., and Spinolo L. V. , IMATI Report Series, February , Number 16-01, Pavia, p.44, (2016)  (437.33 KB)
Optimal-order isogeometric collocation at Galerkin superconvergent points, Montardini, M., Sangalli G., and Tamellini L. , IMATI Report Series, September, Number 16-13, Pavia, p.22, (2016)  (1.39 MB)
Persistence-based tracking of rainfall field maxima, Biasotti, S., Cerri A., Pittaluga S., Sobrero D., and Spagnuolo M. , IMATI Report Series, July, Number 16-11, Genova, p.16, (2016)  (2.15 MB)
Studio e sviluppo di componenti semantiche riusabili per la progettazione di serious game. Applicazioni all'area edutainment, Repetto, A., and Catalano C.E. , IMATI Report Series, July, Number 16-12, Genova, p.12, (2016)  (1.39 MB)
A study of the state of the art of process planning for additive manufacturing, Livesu, M., Attene M., Spagnuolo M., and Falcidieno B. , IMATI Report Series, May, Number 16-04, Genova, p.16, (2016)  (219.28 KB)
Adaptive isogeometric methods with hierarchical splines: error estimator and convergence, Buffa, A., and Giannelli C. , IMATI Report Series, January , Number 15-01, Pavia, p.30 , (2015)  (393.29 KB)
On quasi-interpolation operators in spline spaces, Buffa, A., Garau E.M., Giannelli C., and Sangalli G. , IMATI Report Series, December, Number 15-03, Pavia, p.16, (2015)  (703.62 KB)
Schaeffer's regularity theorem for scalar conservation laws does not extend to systems, Caravenna, L., and Spinolo L. V. , IMATI Report Series, May , Issue 15-02, Number 15-02, Pavia, p.47, (2015)  (478.7 KB)